New car seat for Chubby Feet

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Since the massive earthquake in Japan that we all heard about, there has been a lot of saying that a big one for Los Angeles is due anytime soon. Bear bear mommie with her natural protective instinct, has everything prepared for of course. But not until we checked the list that we realized we didn’t have a lot of the things listed on the earthquake kit. So after shopping and packing for the everyone’s kit, we went to find another car seat for daddy’s car. Just in case if there IS really a big earthquake, then at least either daddy or mommie can come pick up Chubby right away! However, finding the right car seat wasn’t an easy task, one that fits in the back of daddy’s car that is. After several running back and forth in and out of the stores, we finally found one. We didn’t want any cheap plastic seat with a thin foam wrap, and a strap. We want something that fits, but at least be protective. We have the Britax in our bigger car, but it just won’t fit in the smaller one. This Safety1st Complete Air 65 fits snugly in the back seat and will hold up to 65 lbs, at least Chubby will have a good use of it for a few years to come.  Chubby seems to be very comfortable in it too. Never realized Chubby’s leg grew so long, the passenger seat has to move up quite a bit Haha. Happy riding with daddy, Chubby =)

Product Review: Aprica Presto Lightweight Stroller

Chubby gave it 3/5 Feet!

Since Chubby Feet’s Bugaboo stroller, we have been looking everywhere for a lightweight umbrella style stroller that we can take with us on a trip – specifically one that we can take onboard a plane like a carry on. Our first few choices were the Maclaren, which later we found the recall info on a few of them so we changed our mind. Without much other choices, we went with Aprica – originated in Japan, later expanded  into the Italian stroller market and now found worldwide. We had our eyes on the Aprica Cadence, which look very cool in black! However, we weren’t sure if the bigger footprint will prevent it from boarding the cabin. Luckily, we bumped into a mom stroller another model – Aprica Presto – told us she flew from Europe and had no problem taking the stroller with her onboard. So there we picked up the Presto in Highrise Grey on and gave Chubby a test ride before we use it on a longer trip.

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Product Review: Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat


Chubby gave it 5/5 Feet!

This is supposed to be the safest car seat available in the market. With its newest energy absorbing base and the side air cushions, Britax has once again put their products right above everybody else.  At first I was not impressed by the look of it, especially the hideous light grey color side cushions. I didn’t think they match the rest of the car seat, let alone matching the interior of our car which is all dark. But after watching the video on their official website, I am totally sold. Their new 70 CS series feature a lower center of gravity, shock absorbing Safecell bottom, and the side cushions, tremendously increase the safety of a child if there is ever a car accident. This car seat can position in a rear facing, and also a forward facing position. It supports up to 70lbs, perfect for the transition from an infant car seat.
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Product Review: Bright Starts high chair/shopping cart cover

Chubby gave it 3/5 Feet!

There are many cart covers out there, this particular one folds up easily with an adjustable strap in the back to fit most shopping carts. There are also 3 pockets in the back for storage, we love to put his pacifiers in the pocket. This one by Bright Starts will fit some oversized carts such as those at Target. The ones at Costco are much wider, which will also work as long as the strap is not buckled. The drawback for this product is the lack of padding right where Chubby leans his back on, we have to put a blanket behind him most of the time. Also the openings for the straps that come from the cart are in some odd position, sometimes making the straps too short for Chubby. We hardly ever used the straps from the cart because of that reason, so Chubby just simply can not be left unattended at all times – which is ok =)
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A special box from Japan

♪ Dun Dun Dun Dun! Big package arrived from Japan!  Oh its for Chubby Feet! His first BabyMilo supplies!A few weeks ago, I came across these cute little supplies (lunch bags, lunch boxes) online and learned that they are the limited editions by Bape and Sanrio’s collaboration. They are only available from June to Aug and only at the Sanrio stores in Japan. Luckily we have auntie Ayami who was willing to stock them up for Chubby even though she is pregnant herself ! Thank you so much Ayami!! We can’t wait to see her again next year.

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Chubby Feet @ Ikea


Last weekend, we went to Ikea to see whats there to buy for Chubby Feet. Its the best place to stroll around for a few hours in between dinner and that boring afternoon. Chubby Feet had fun exploring and *testing* their bed, but of course our bed is much better than Ikea’s even Chubby can tell. We checked out their children’s dept and bought more fluffy toys, this time a 6 piece car set.

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Product Review: Skip Hop Playspot

Chubby gave it 4/5 Feet!

The Skip Hop Playspot was our mission to complete for the past week. We thought we could get them a local Babies-R-us store, but they no longer carry them. See our Mission Unaccomplished post. So these Skip Hop Playspot foam tiles come in a nice package of twenty 14″x14″ tiles, and its enough to build a 56″ x 70″ padded play and roll area for Chubby.

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Chubby Jumpity Jump Jump~!

Chubby Feet loves his Jumperoo, he can easily spend 30 minutes bouncing on it. Before we had the Skip Hop Playspot, he had to bounce off hard wood floor and ouch!! His chubby feet would bang on the floor so hard we were so afraid he would break his toes….seriously! Now that he’s bouncing on foam tiles, he can do it for as long as he wants. We introduced him to Ding Ding our Pomeranian when he was 3-4 months old, and recently we tried to put them together to see how Chubby will react when Ding Ding walks around him. As we’ve expected he loves to have Ding Ding around, keeps him entertained. Chubby sometimes cracks up laughing just by seeing Ding Ding wiggles her tail, hopefully we will get to catch that on video some time soon. i.e. only if he co operates with our camera =)

Macbook Pro for Chubby Feet

Its time for a Macbook Pro, I need one for Chubby Feet! Ok that excuse is lame I know, but its not really all false. =P We have to spend most of our time with Chubby now, sometimes its just easier to work on his blog with a laptop – especially a Mac you know?! =) As I am writing this post, I had to carry my iMac from our room down here to our living room just to work on his jumperoo video and his weekend pics while he watches his favorite TV shows on his high chair. iPhone has wordpress app, but I can’t work on videos and pics with it, I need a laptop! Since I have always wanted one, now is a perfect chance to.

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Pottery Barn Kids Cribs Recall

Nothing built to last, isn’t that true? Recently, there are WAY too many baby cribs being recalled and most of them are the drop-side cribs.  We are almost waiting for ours to have a recall too.  Chubby Feet has the DaVinci Jamie 4 in 1 Crib, which also has the drop-side function.  I love it and I’m hoping that ours will not be on the recall list soon!

Here’s the details on the recall: there is a list of all the cribs affected

Safety Recall Pottery Barn Kids message here!

Newsa from CPSC here!

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